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By gunwriter Long about 2004, my old buddy Charlie Sisk of Sisk Rifles put a .358 Winchester rifle together for me. I specified back-up open sights on the rifle and Charlie suggested a set from XS Sights. However, he cautioned me to not expect great precision with them. “They are a little coarse.” he said. Not too long after that, on a range in Texas, on a day when it was hot enough to fry an egg on a truck seat, I threw that rifle over some sand bags and shot a group at 100 yards measuring close enough to a half-inch the difference didn’t matter. Sisk said, “I’d have never thought that.” I told him he should have more faith in his rifles. He added, it was not the rifle he was questioning. (Sisk has always fashioned himself as an amateur comedian.) Since then I’ve been devoted to the installation of XS Sights on most of my rifles. I trust them. In fact, when I took to Mozambique after buffalo I installed an XS lever rail – with sights – on my Marlin 1895. Unlike when I took my biggest black bear, I ended up shooting it out …Read the Rest

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