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By Dr. Martin D. Topper

Tristar Compact

Tristar Compact

Shotguns have been go-to firearms for generations. Double-barreled, pump-action and semi-auto scatterguns have all played important roles in civilian personal defense. Many law enforcement agencies and military units have relied on them for close-quarters battle as well. But today, shotguns are being challenged by semi-auto rifles and rifle-based pistols for the title of “top dog” for close encounters. On the other hand, makers of shotguns aren’t sitting around crying in their beer. One new contender for the close-quarters heavyweight title is the 12-gauge, semi-auto bullpup.

tristar compact shotgun


NEW: The TriStar Compact 12-Gauge Bullpup Shotgun

Bullpup Basics

Some years ago, my friend Massad Ayoob wrote that most shotguns were like artillery: big and really powerful but not very mobile. He suggested that they were best at engaging targets across a room from behind cover. However, 12-gauge bullpups are more like tanks: fast, accurate and very maneuverable. That’s because bullpups have their operating systems moved back into the stock. This allows them to have all of the …Read the Rest

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