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By Lee Williams

by Lee WilliamsNowadays, during what historians will likely call Obama’s third term, Joe, Kamala and the rest of the White House commissars have targeted every link of the firearm chain: from the manufacturers who produce the weapons, to the credit card processors who facilitate the transactions, to the carriers who ship the guns to the dealers – and man, have they ever targeted our gun dealers.Few outside the gun-rights community are aware of these assaults on our constitutionally protected freedoms, because the legacy media has not covered any of it, which is certainly nothing new.Today’s traditional media pays scant attention to the Second Amendment or gun rights, and when they do, their stories are so inaccurate and biased they’re unreadable. There are thousands of reporters and editors making up the legacy media, backed by multi-billion-dollar corporations, hedge-fund owners and high-dollar advertisers.We have less than 100 good folks reporting about issues that affect us. Most have day jobs and report parttime.That, friends, needs to change.We need more pro-gun reporters — watchdogs who can hold their public officials accountable, at the local, state and federal level — brave souls who can help get the word out when they spot an infringement.It’s not difficult

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