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By GDC Staff

While derringers or other pocket pistols are not ideal for self-defense, somehow, we all seem to want one. Check out these sweet choices for the ultimate in deep concealment from the Vault.
Bond Arms Texas Defender
The Bond Arms Texas Defender packs a big punch in a small derringer.
If a derringer is on your wish list, there are none better than Texas-made Bond Arms. These well-built stainless-steel double-barrels are made to last with some models using interchangeable barrels. Bond Arms uses automatic extractors, a patented rebounding hammer for a quick follow-up shot and a cross-bolt safety.
Baby Browning
The always desirable Baby Browning
If adorable semi-automatic pistols that fit in the palm of your hand are on the wish list, the Baby Browning should be near the top. Like its European relative from FN, this Baby Browning is also made in Belgium. It holds six rounds of .25 ACP and sports a 1.5-inch barrel. The unloaded weight sits just under 10-ounces. This tiny frame must be seen and felt to be fully appreciated. Also, fans of these classics should know that Bauer has been making an updated version of the Baby Browning in the U.S. for decades.
Beretta 21A


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