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By Scott Huntington

With so many guns marketed as home defense solutions, sometimes you just want to know when it’s safe to go all in on a firearm.
You never want to be placed in a position where it’s necessary to defend your family and property, but if you are, your choice of home defense weapon can make all the difference. Presently though gun buyers are spoiled for choice — there are so many options in home-defense weapons it can be overwhelming deciding what we really need.
Some require the spread and power of a shotgun, while others are fonder of the ease of use and larger magazine capacity offered by a handgun. For larger homes or rural settings where there is more land to cover, a rifle might be preferable.
Below are my picks for “safe bet” models from each of these categories. If you’re in the market for a home defense weapon, you won’t go wrong with any of these:
1. Ruger SP101
The trusty Ruger .357 has been defending homes for decades in one form or another. Because it’s a hammerless gun, the Ruger removes the issue of cocking the pistol and never suffers from jamming. It’s very portable, and can easily be hidden close


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