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By G. Halek

Everyone loves the ‘new-in-box’ gleam of a brand new pistol. However, much like the ASPCA commercials, there’s a used, surplus handgun out there that’s just begging to be loved.

Let’s go over some pistols that are currently out there on the surplus pistol market. These are generally guns that have been adopted by various police or military organizations and then been discarded once a new contract comes in.

The great part about these pistols is that they’re generally premium brand and at a very steep discount from original MSRP price. The quality of the individual arm may vary greatly — so I highly recommend you inspect before you buy.

Fair warning: these are not generally ‘concealed carry’ pistols (sub or micro-compact). Anyone can figure out a way to carry a full-sized or compact gun in a concealed manner but if you’re looking for something an inch wide, these are probably not your first picks.

#1. H&K P2000

There’s nothing cheap about H&K. While stare longingly at the VP9, I realize there’s just no way I can justify the expense. Walking through to the used, surplus section of the gun store, I noticed quite a few H&K P2000s on sale for $450. That may not sound …Read the Rest

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