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By Chris Mudgett


The walnut color is a unique mixture of browns. A slight forward cant aids in concealability.

Wright Leather Works is a custom holster manufacturer based out of Green Springs, Ohio. Every holster is custom made, and each piece of material is handcut, sewn and molded from the highest-quality full-grain domestic hides and materials available.

I carried the Banshee holster model and opted for the $50 Master Collection Upgrade, an option that adds a soft pigskin lining to the interior of the holster. The Banshee holster is a low-profile, pancake-style inside-the-waistband holster, and when paired with the slim frame of my M&P Shield with Trijicon HD night sights, it provided me with a very concealable package.

The Banshee holster is adjustable for cant and ride depth and designed to adjust to most body types and angle preferences. Two methods of belt attachments are available: high-ride leather straps and tuckable deep-concealment steel spring clips.


I chose the latter due to the ease of obtaining a perfect fit and short amount of time needed to install and remove the holster from my belt. I tried the leather straps but found the fit to be somewhat cumbersome, and it allowed the holster …Read the Rest

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