Posted September 20, 2017 3:15 pm by Comments

By Jennifer Cruz

A woman who was targeted for an armed robbery over the weekend while riding a BART train in California’s Bay Area thwarted the crime by pretending to have a seizure.
Julie Dragland said she was riding the train Saturday afternoon with about 15 other passengers when someone sitting behind her dropped a note in her lap.
The note said: “There are 2 guns pointed at you now. If you want to live hand back yar (sic) wallet and phone NOW + do not turn around and be descreet (sic). Do not turn around until after you have left Civic Center + you will live.”
Dragland said she was able to get the attention of a man sitting in front of her and mouthed the word “help.” The man made a gesture with his phone, which Dragland interpreted that he was calling the police, but the man exited the train at the next stop.
Afraid and unsure if the person behind her really had a gun, Dragland made a move that called attention to herself – and the person behind her. Dragland said she just kind of slumped over and pretended to have a seizure. Suddenly, all attention was on her, and during the chaos,


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