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By James England

For those of you unfamiliar, Yankee Marshal is a YouTube gun guy who reviews firearms, discusses politics, and talks about gun stuff. Some of his stuff hits the mark and others may wander a bit. We’re asking your advice: did he actually find ten of the most hideous guns on the market?

When anyone claims to have found the ten best/worst/ugliest/strangest things, we’re always speculative. After all, we’ve come up with our own list of ten best concealed carry handguns and it’s drawn plenty of debate.

Check out the video.

Here’s a list of the ten ugliest guns that Yankee Marshal could find:

10. USPA ZiP .22

9. Taurus Curve

8. FN Five-seven

7. Taurus View Model 85VTA

6. PMR-30

5. Remington R-51

4. Glock 19 Gen 4

3. Chiappa Rhino 40DS

2. Hi-Point (all models)

1. Beretta Pico .380 Auto

Do we personally agree with all of these models on the list?

Well, for starters, the Glock issue has been a common reoccurring joke in Yankee Marshal’s fun-time carousel. He loves to poke fun at Glock owners and most of our staff at Concealed Nation owns and carries Glocks regularly.

Other than that, valued by aesthetics and not performance, this …Read the Rest

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