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By Jacki Billings

The Targetize system includes a rail mounted sensor and free smart phone app. (Photo: DAC Technologies)
DAC Technologies sets out to improve gun owners’ accuracy, precision, and consistency through the new Targetize training system and app.
Designed for rail equipped pistols, the Targetize training system features an easily mounted motion sensor that tracks movements and relays feedback to a smart device via a free app. The sensor can mount to both live pistols and airsoft and works for dry fire, live fire or CO2 practice.
While shooting, the tool provides instant analysis of shots offering corrective feedback and allowing shooters to track accuracy, stability, and precision with the ability to improve their skills over time. Developed by ex-military and special forces, the system boasts a lightweight feel that does not impede users while shooting. The system also offers easy to follow setup instructions for quick installation. The Targetize app is available on both Android and Apple devices so users can readily view feedback.
The Targetize setup is currently available through a network of dealers as well as online at Amazon, priced at $129.
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