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By Christen Smith

Answers to the question “Of these issues, which one or two, if any, are important enough to you to have an impact on how you vote in an election?” from a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey published last week. (Photo: NSSF)
Federal gun policy inspires votes more than other hot button issues — including the environment, abortion and immigration, according to a survey published last week.
More than a third of respondents to the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Sept. 6 said “gun rights or gun control” most influence their decision to vote on election day.
The survey questioned 1,200 Americans about their feelings toward President Donald Trump, the country’s heated political divide and its prosperity for future generations, among other political issues. A few questions regarding attitudes toward gun policy were scattered throughout the 21-page survey, including whether respondents feared the government would go too far in restricting access to firearms — or not far enough. The results showed an even 42-42 split between those who worried “quite a bit or a great deal” about attempts to place limits on gun ownership versus those who weren’t concerned at all.
Some 18 percent of respondents identified as a member of the National Rifle Association and 48


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