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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Stephen Matt said, “That's the Handlebars Buck - the biggest buck I've ever seen or hunted.”
Stephen Matt said, “That’s the Handlebars Buck – the biggest buck I’ve ever seen or hunted.”

Whitetail Deer and the Hunters Who Take Big Bucks by John E. Phillips

U.S.A.-( The heartbreak often involved in scouting early is when you find a trophy buck on the property you hunt, and then that buck vanishes. You probably have all your emotions in high gear, anticipating an opportunity to take that buck. However, hunters have learned that if you persist, one day that buck may make a mistake, and you’ll take him. That’s what happened to Stephen Matt from Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

“My sister has 430 acres in Kansas, and I try to help manage and hunt white-tailed deer on the property to produce big bucks,” Matt explains. “In July, 2009, I put out trail cameras to census our deer herd.” At the first of August when Matt went to his Bushnell ( trail cameras, he couldn’t believe the big size of the buck he saw, and how many pictures he had of the buck. Matt named this buck of a lifetime the …Read the Rest

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