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By Kyle Lamb


While attending the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, a 30-something shooting instructor approached me from a large federal organization. His question caught me off guard: “How do you get shooters past the urban legend of not placing their M4 or AR-15 magazine on the ground while shooting?” I was befuddled; we had slayed this Holy Cow years ago in the secretive sects of Special Operations. I thought, How could shooters in 2016 be stuck in 1968? He went on to say there were several influential shooters in his world that worshiped at the altar of, “Thou shalt not use thy magazine as a monopod.” An easy fix to this is to simply rattle off with a, “Dang. You dumb!” Of course, that isn’t going to fix the problem of shooters believing what they read or hear from other shooters whose so-called facts are based on hearsay and B.S.

The bottom line is this: if you have a magazine that doesn’t work when pressed against the dirt, ground, concrete or green, green grass, get rid of it. Magazines are cheap in more way than one. You can buy them inexpensively — unless an anti-gun politician threatens our Second Amendment rights, in …Read the Rest

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