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The original Ruger LCP was announced in 2008, and has been a smash success as one of the company’s top-selling models. Who wouldn’t want a compact, flat (.82 in.), lightweight (9.4 oz.) and reliable pistol? Ruger kept up with production as demand grew, but that didn’t prevent the company from trying to improve on the LCP. After Texas Gov. Rick Perry used one to shoot a coyote menacing him and his daughter’s dog during a morning jog, Ruger highlighted Perry’s encounter with a “Coyote Special” edition. In 2013, Ruger modified the LCP to offer customers different sights and a shortened trigger pull. Now, the LCP enters its second generation, but Ruger tells G&A that the LCP II will not replace the original.

If a tenth of an inch here or there matters to you, you’ll find that the new LCP II is marginally taller, longer and wider. What mattered to Ruger engineers and the customers they talked to RugerLCPIISpecswere the following features: sights, trigger, nonslip texture and the lack of a hold-open mechanism in the magazine and pistol.

The LCP II improves all of these while leaving the rest in original form. First, the sights.

The sights on the …Read the Rest

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