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By Daniel Terrill

Judge Roy Moore showed off his revolver during a campaign rally on election day in Alabama.
Alabama voters picked Roy Moore over incumbent Sen. Luther Strange during a Republican runoff election Tuesday to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacated U.S. Senate seat.
Strange, who had the backing of the NRA and Trump, who adopted the gun lobby’s views during his campaign, vowed to support Trump’s agenda to take on the establishment and advance conservative issues.
Yet, Moore had the backing of other prominent conservatives including former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and more extreme gun rights organizations like Gun Owners of America.
The NRA spent roughly seven figures on Strange ads and to raise public doubt about Moore’s dedication to the Second Amendment.
“It’s been very hard for my wife and myself to wither two, nearly three months of negative ads that we couldn’t answer with money because we didn’t have it. Ads that were completely false — that I don’t believe in the Second Amendment,” Moore said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a revolver. “I believe in the Second Amendment.”
Moore gained national recognition as a conservative when he was removed from his position as State Supreme Court chief justice in 2003 for refusing


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