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By Jenn Jacques


Say what you want about Obama and the gun control agenda’s recent push to enact gun control laws across the country, but a delightful byproduct of their efforts is an increasing number of gun-owning households in the United States.

A national survey conducted by Pew Research Center from August 9-16 discovered at least 44% of American homes now have guns compared to 51% without.

The survey also showed an increase of the public perception that gun ownership does more to protect people from becoming victims of crime. 58% of those polled said they believe owning a gun makes people safer compared with 37% who believe owning a gun puts people’s safety at risk.

Pew also reports the political divide continues to widen. Clinton supporters prioritize controlling gun ownership over protecting gun rights by more than four-to-one (79% to 19%) while Trump supporters express the exact opposite view, responding by about nine-to-one (90% to 9%) that it is generally more important to protect gun rights than control gun ownership.


But language is key, and if the Pew Research article is any indication, some questions may have been a bit misleading:

For the past several years, large majorities of …Read the Rest

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