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By John Falkenberg

SHREVEPORT, LA — When a pair of burglars attempted to make a getaway after a burglary gone bad, they split up, and both of them ended up in a confrontation with armed neighbors who were happy to hold them until police arrived.

When the two burglars attempted the break-in, police were quickly called. They attempted to make an escape out a back window into the yard.

That’s when the fun began.

According to The Shreveport Times:

That’s when the men ran into (resident Josh) Burson’s 1-year-old pit bull/lab mix, Chyna, and it didn’t seem that the encounter ended well for at least one of the intruders. He lost a sock that police recovered from the back yard, Burson said. “I think she got him on the foot,” he said. “There wasn’t a shoe back there, but there was a sock laying on the ground, and it had some holes in it. So I think she got him whenever he was jumping out the window… We gave her a big ol’ bone for that last night.”

After leaving the house without the items they apparently intended to steal, the two men split up. One was held up by a neighbor a couple …Read the Rest

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