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By Andrew Shepperson

Hurricane Irma made landfall and flooded streets in downtown Miami, Florida on Sunday, Sept. 10. (Photo: AP/Wilfredo Lee)
With people struggling in the hurricane-ravaged areas of Texas, Florida and elsewhere around the country, the National Shooting Sports Foundation is offering some advice on what to do with firearms and ammunition affected by flood waters.
The NSSF, along with the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, pointed to two documents that could be helpful when gun owners are trying to decide how to treat or dispose of water-damaged items.
SAAMI’s document, Guidance on Firearms That Have Been Submerged or Exposed to Extensive Amounts of Water, notes two major concerns when it comes to guns affected by flood waters. The first relates to parts susceptible to water damage or rusting, such as metal parts, optics, wood stocks and grips; and the second deals with action, barrel, and safety systems that have been affected by silt or other debris.
In order to limit moisture and corrosion damage, it is suggested to disassemble component parts of the firearm and to clean with moisture-displacing lubricants, such as Hoppes #9 MDL or WD-40. Wood stocks and grips should be allowed to air dry, not forced dried by exposing them to heat. As


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