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By Brian Seay

Marine Lance Cpl. Briar Hasty uses a Combat Convoy Simulat in Quantico, Virginia. (Photo: Cpl. Desire M. Mora/Marine Corps)
A top general in the Marine Corps says he wants a Holodeck.
Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said this week that he’s hoping advances in technology will mean the Corps will soon have access to Star Trek-inspired virtual reality environments that will allow Marines to train in a variety of scenarios.
“What I’m looking for is a simulation where a battalion or squadron commander or a regimental or a group commander or a division, wing or MEF [Marine Expeditionary Force] or a corps commander can go in and not have to put thousands of people on the battlespace and in the air and actually get them to do a repetition,” Neller said at the Modern Day Marine expo in Quantico, according to Defense News.
Pilots and drivers already use simulations to train, but Neller wants to see it be deployed on a much larger scale.
“In a perfect world, it would be like Jean-Luc Picard in ‘Star Trek,’” Neller said. “I’d walk into the Holodeck and I’d go, ’Computer, Battle of Waterloo, 1812, Prussian army, I am in command, simulation — go.’
Neller said officials in


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