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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise
LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise

LockedOn 360 Moblie Gun Vise

USA -( One of the biggest mistakes made when introducing youngsters to shooting is giving them too much gun too early. Though seldom done on purpose, giving a kid a heavy recoil rifle can cause flinching issues for life.

However, young shooters must eventually go up to larger calibers if they want to graduate to big game. As such, the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise is an excellent tool both in and out of the deer stand.

The LockedOn 360 provides a safe method for holding a rifle in a deer stand while also providing full motion for staying on moving game. Additionally, the LockedOn 360 reduces felt recoil, allowing shooters to concentrate hitting on the target rather than the upcoming thump on the shoulder.

“There are enough factors regarding accurate shooting and recoil shouldn’t be one of them, especially for kids,” said Jay Harman, creator of the LockedOn 360 Mobile Gun Vise. “More importantly, the Mobile Gun Vise securely holds the firearm in a way when properly used so it can help prevent it from being dropped or mishandled.”

The LockedOn 360 can be mounted on wood-rail hunting stands …Read the Rest

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