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By Jennifer Cruz

UPS workers evacuate a San Francisco facility after a shooting earlier this year that left four dead and several others injured. (Photo: NBC)
Multiple lawsuits were filed in San Francisco Superior Court Tuesday accusing United Parcel Service, a private security company, and the building’s owner of failing to take action to protect workers from what the plaintiffs deemed a preventable act when a UPS worker opened fire at the San Francisco facility earlier this year.
The lawsuits name UPS, security company Allied Universal, and property owner Valacal Company as defendants, the San Francisco Gate reported.
“This was entirely preventable,” Kevin Morrison, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, said of the June shooting that left three dead and two injured. “If Allied and UPS had done their jobs that day, we wouldn’t be here.”
Wrongful death lawsuits were filed on behalf of the widows of Benson Louie and Mike Lefiti, who were both killed in the workplace shooting. A third victim, Wayne Chan, was also killed before the suspect, Jimmy Lam, took his own life.
UPS employees Xiao Chen and Edgar Perez, who were shot but survived their injuries, filed separate lawsuits, while another complaint was filed on behalf of the 28 UPS employees who witnessed


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