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By Dean Weingarten

Rural Australia

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona -( – Rural Australia from Wh’od a Thought it Lookout in Quirindi.

Shortly after I started traveling into rural Australia, I found people willing to talk to me about firearms. When they learned I write about firearms, they were happy to have a conversation.

In the morning of July first, the day after I arrived in Australia, I packed up and pulled my wheeled luggage to the Central railway station in Sydney. The staff at the station were very helpful. They printed out a ticket I had purchased over the Internet. I boarded the train a half hour before departure. We left at 09:29

My seat mate happened to be traveling to Quirindi as well. It is a minor stop on the line, a bit over 200 miles from Sidney. We were of the same generation, and shared each other’s stories. I told her I wrote about guns. She told me her father had taken her to the range and taught her to shoot pistols. She had shot revolvers and later, a semi-auto.

That was before the Port Arthur massacre on April 28, of 1996. The Port Arthur massacre was the …Read the Rest

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