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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

HUNT TECH: Get the Most From Your Micro-Diameter Arrows

By Josh Lantz

Consisting of a standard glue-in post and a threaded, reinforced outsert, the Bloodsport R.O.C. system incorporates a patented shock-absorbing design that transfers energy efficiently through the full length of the arrow shaft.

BloodsportUSA -( Manufacturers of hunting gear are constantly releasing new products, often marketed with references to new technologies that will outperform everything else in their category. Sometimes these marketing claims are true. Other times, they fail to deliver on the hype.

As a series, Technology On the Hunt highlights unique new technologies that offer real benefits for hunters in the field.

Improved Performance and Durability for Micro-Diameter Arrows:

Micro-diameter arrows are a growing favorite among bow hunters because they can deliver higher velocities, maximum down-range energy retention and better resistance to wind drift. Ultimately, this should add up to superior accuracy, enhanced penetration and pass-through performance.

Tech Bloodsport ROC Lineup
Available in four sizes to pair with a full range of today’s micro-diameter arrows, the clever R.O.C. system allows hunters to harness the full potential of their arrows while …Read the Rest

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