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By Patrick Sweeney


Impressed by Guy Hogue’s personal S&W M58, the author equipped his own square-butt model with Hogue’s rubber Monogrip. For its comfort and control, it remains a favorite.

It was the late 1960s, and Guy Hogue had a problem: Like so many other shooters and Southern California law enforcement (LE) officers, the grips of his sidearm didn’t fit his hands. He solved that problem, as did many others, by making his own grips. Unlike those others, his not only fit his hands but the hands of other shooters as well. And as a bonus, they looked good. Unlike the rest of those personal grip-makers, he had a steady stream of officers at his garage workshop looking for a set of grips for their revolvers.

He soon found that his workshop wasn’t large enough to handle the volume of work, so he moved into a dedicated workspace. In rapid succession, he left law enforcement, expanded his new business, and then expanded again.

By the time I began working in gun shops in the late 1970s, Hogue had expanded the line into molded rubber grips. I worked in and around Detroit, and the Detroit Police Department had a smart sidearm policy back then: If you could …Read the Rest

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