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By Tom Knighton

Chicago has always had a reputation for violence. After all, it was the home of Al Capone and The Untouchables. A reputation like that isn’t easy to shake. It’s even harder to shake when violence in the Windy City is sky high and there’s little to nothing that can be done to stem the tide.

However, despite their city’s best efforts to keep them unarmed, one unlikely group of people in Chicago are taking up the Second Amendment cause…and a bit of firepower. Black women.

As The Truth About Guns reports:

With Chicago nudging 500 homicides for the year, locals have plenty of reasons to tool up. Increasingly, the law-abiding there are choosing to wander off Mayor Rahm’s gun control plantation. Instead of blaming guns for the city’s violence, these people are buying guns to protect themselves and their loved ones. What’s more, the numbers of African-American women applying for carry licenses has exploded.

It should come as no surprise. Five years ago, less than one-third of African-American families took a positive view of gun ownership. Today, nearly 60% not only recognize the benefits of gunownership, but consider it a “necessity” according to …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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