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By Chris Eger

As part of a weapons amnesty in Denmark, police recovered a vintage stockpile of munitions including submachine guns and grenades.
The South Jutland Police posted images to social media last week of some 25 weapons and 100 grenades turned in as part of a reprieve for those with illegal or unregistered arms, many of which may have a connection to Danish history.
Occupied by Germany during World War II, Denmark was home to a well-organized network of underground resistance units, often equipped by the Allies through the OSS and SOE. Among the weapons brought down from attics and up from under floorboards last month were STEN submachine guns, an anti-tank rocket launcher, a BREN light machine gun, and various bolt-action rifles including German Mausers.
Everything from K98 Mausers to M1 Carbines, as well as what looks like a Mosin 91 and a Beretta M38/42 SMG (Photos: South Jutland Police)
What a stack of history. Note the Krag rifle on the top of the stack– standard issue for the Royal Danish Army– mixed in with assorted other arms
The barreled action near the top looks like a Madsen light machine gun– which was used by the Danish Army– while the BREN is unmistakable in the center


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