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By Daniel Terrill

Tactical Shit owner TJ Kirgin at the range. (Photo: Tactical Shit/Facebook)
“Hillary For Prison” t-shirts, “Liberal Tears” gun oil, “ISIS hunting” videos and “I Love Guns & Titties” patches are some of the many items found on the retail website Tactical Shit. The Missouri company comes off as many things — brash, sexist and admittedly offensive — but its transgressive style has also been key to its success.
“The guys that we cater to, and some women, they enjoy dirty jokes. They cuss when they talk. You talk to a beat cop, you talk to a SWAT guy, you talk to a Navy SEAL, these guys they have a sense of humor,” said TJ Kirgin, Tactical Shit owner, in an interview with “They have a sense of humor that’s not your average guy’s.”
Kirgin knows that his company’s efforts aren’t for everyone, but Tactical Shit isn’t going for mass appeal. He explained that the raunchy humor is what draws a niche audience to the website to buy products that translate similar commentary. “We’re definitely focused. Tactical Shit is irreverent. We are a community. We are a media company. And we also sell stuff,” he said.
Following that strategy, Tactical Shit has grown some


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