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Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog as part of the “America’s Rifle” AR-15 series:

AR-pattern rifles are the most popular long guns in the United States, with millions of Americans enjoying the versatile sporting rifle. While some AR owners are experienced marksmen, many buyers are picking up their first AR and have little experience with the platform.

Being able to safely and effectively use your AR-15 is the most important precursor to enjoying it, whether for hunting, target shooting, or competition. Learning the basics can help ensure users know how to shoot their rifle, setting the stage for years of enjoyment.

The below tips are just a few of the basics to help you get started. For more comprehensive instruction and training, consider enrolling in an NRA training course, such as the NRA America’s Rifle Challenge presented by Daniel Defense.

Holding your AR15
Depending on what kind of shooting you’re doing, your shooting stance can vary wildly, from shooting prone to kneeling behind cover, standing, or on the move. However, we will focus on the basics of grip and hold. As you learn more and gain more experience, you can make adjustments better suited for your …Read the Rest

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