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By Bob Owens


In a relatively sane world, a drunk who decided to settle an argument with a gun—and then ended up deceased for his trouble—would be written off as a jerk who earned his death by dramatically escalating a verbal confrontation into a deadly force encounter.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in sane times.

Officials say Alfred Toe got in a dispute with someone else at the party. He then allegedly went into his brother Constantine’s car to grab a gun. That’s when Constantine Toe confronted him and tried to wrestle the gun out of his hand, officials said. During the struggle, Constantine was shot in the hand but managed to get the gun away from his brother, according to investigators.

Witnesses say the off-duty officer then confronted Constantine Toe and took the gun away from him. He then pulled out his own service weapon and held Constantine Toe on the ground. Witnesses say that Alfred Toe, who did not know the man was a police officer, then jumped in and tried to grab the officer’s gun. That’s when the off-duty officer opened fire, according to the witnesses.

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The shooting occurred at a repast celebration following a funeral …Read the Rest

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