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By Ammoland

Greasing an Reaction Rod before torque the barrel in place while Building an AR 15 Upper

by Sam Bocetta
Sam gives us the basics of building an AR 15 Upper receiver, it is a job that is easier than you may think.

AR 15 Safety Black Rifle MSR Carbine Gun
Sam Bocetta
Sam Bocetta


Greasing a Reaction Rod before torquing the barrel in place while building an AR 15 Upper.

Ensure the Reaction Rod‘s slotted end sticks out when you place the Upper Receiver on the rod. The barrel should be aligned with the slotted end before mating the Upper Receiver with the barrel extension. Look for the small notch on the upper side of the Upper Receiver, for an alignment with the pin on the barrel extension; it holds the barrel and everything else in place.

Apply some lubricant to the Reaction Rod end before it goes into the barrel. Take care you don’t scratch the barrel extension due to the small clearances.

After coupling the two parts, place the barrel nut and lock everything in place. Put in some little lubricant on the thread of the Upper Receiver to ensure the process is smooth, and prevent the two materials from gnawing into …Read the Rest

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