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By Brian Seay

Officials in New Carlisle, Ohio released body camera footage Wednesday that shows a sheriff’s deputy shoot a newspaper photographer.
Andy Grimm was taking photos of a traffic stop Monday night when Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Shaw opened fire on him, believing Grimm’s camera equipment to be a gun.
The video starts with a traffic stop. Shaw tells the driver he was going 51 in a 35, and the driver explains that he’d been pulled over in the same spot about a month before. Shaw gets back into his squad car and radios back the driver’s information. After about a minute, he quickly gets out of his car and fires two shots at Grimm, who immediately starts yelling.
“I need people here now. I need a medic here now,” Shaw can be heard saying into his radio as he runs up to Grimm. “Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy, Andy,” Shaw says, immediately recognizing the person he’s shot.
New Carlisle is a town of about 5,000, and the deputy and the photographer know each other.
“Oh my god. Oh my god. Call my wife. Please call my wife,” Grimm says in the video. “Dude I was comin’ over to let you know.”
“Andy, I thought that was a


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