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By Jacki Billings

A soldier works with Beretta’s M9 in the field. (Photo: Department of Defence)
In what could be interpreted as a subtle dig at the Army’s MHS choice of Sig Sauer, Beretta announced via press release that its M9 series continues to meet reliability standards.
The company, which manufacturers the M9 series in its facility in Tennessee, says it completed its 14th consecutive M9 Lot Acceptance Test in September with an average of only one malfunction for every 19,090 rounds. The gun maker reporter that during the testing period 42 M9 handguns fired 210,000 rounds with reliability results almost 10 times better than the rate required by the US Army’s Modular Handgun System program.
“The incredible reliability of the M9 pistol is being continuously confirmed,” Gabriele de Plano, vice-president of military marketing and operations for Beretta Defense Technologies, said in a statement.  “Half of the LAT Reliability tests resulted in ‘perfect’ reliability scores with zero malfunctions in 15,000 rounds!”
Beretta USA has delivered thousands of M9 pistols to both US military forces and foreign military customers from the company’s Tennessee facility which opened in 2016. The gun manufacturer says new U.S. and foreign military orders of the M9 pistol were issued in August which extended


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