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By Andrew Shepperson

This 1915 WWI German Luger pistol was turned in during Australia’s national firearms amnesty. (Photo: ABC Radio Adelaide/Brett Williamson)
The Australian government has seen almost 26,000 guns turned in since July as part of a national firearms amnesty program.
A total of 25,999 firearms had been handed over between July and September, which averages out to about 400 guns per day, ABC News reported. The firearms amnesty has allowed Australians to surrender illegal or unregistered guns with no questions asked and no legal consequences. The program will wrap up at the end of September.
While a big number was expected, Justice Minister Michael Keenan said he was surprised at just how many firearms had been turned in so far. Keenan also reminded gun owners that after the amnesty period, those with unregistered firearms could be punished with up to 14 years in prison and fines of up to $280,000.
“If you hold that gun after the end of the amnesty period then you are running a very significant risk,” Keenan said.
Rare and vintage firearms have been turned in as part of the program. One man from Queensland handed over guns that he had been collecting for over 30 years, including a Luger pistol from World


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