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By Christen Smith

DOJ fired an ATF agent in charge and a federal prosecutor for misconduct. (Photo: Department of Justice/Facebook)
A senior government agent and a federal prosecutor at the center of a misconduct probe lost their jobs this week within the Department of Justice.
The Office of Inspector General completed its joint investigation with the DOJ into a resident agent in charge with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives over allegations of mismanagement. The office concluded the agent neglected paperwork documenting time and attendance submissions and didn’t correct accounting errors related to inventory and funding for the operation in question. The agent didn’t ensure memorandums of understanding for the operation were signed and followed, either, according to a DOJ press release published Thursday.
In a concurrent investigation, the OIG and DOJ uncovered an undisclosed intimate relationship between an Assistant United States Attorney and an ATF agent working on the same case. The office said the attorney accepted a cell phone seized during the operation for personal use, left incomplete paperwork uncorrected, withheld information “regarding critical aspects of the operation” from supervisors and didn’t report property and money stolen during the operation.
The DOJ decided against prosecution and instead fired both employees, the department said Thursday.
The probe is the latest in


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