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By James England

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — As of June 30th, 2016, Utah recognizes 662,720 valid concealed carry permits are in circulation. That’s only an 8.3% difference from the year before it. However, when we look at the difference from five years ago, there are 73% more concealed carriers. That’s a dramatic difference in the right direction.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation conducts Utah’s concealed carry application background checks and fingerprints. In 2015, we reported on BCI’s denial of renewals based upon fingerprint illegibility. This has neither swayed nor stopped applicants from continuing to apply and be issued permits.

In terms of fingerprint legibility, a lot has changed about that now that the BCI scans the fingerprint cards versus mailing them physically to the FBI. An FBI decision takes days to weeks versus months. This means a faster turnaround for applicants and faster issuance of permits.

Utah is one of the states that issues non-resident permits that are widely recognized throughout the country. This makes Utah an attractive option for those who travel regularly. Be sure to check a reciprocity map to know whether or not your Utah non-resident permit is accepted in a state you are visiting prior to carrying concealed …Read the Rest

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